Alison, 18, cis, pan.

Freshman at UPS, alto in Dorians.

I like coffee, tattoos, and dark lipstick.

Tacoma, WA. Single.

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Cold is the night without you here; just your absence ringing in my ears.

Steady is the hand that’s come to terms with the lessons it has had to learn. I’ve seen the things that I must do but, Lord, this road is meant for two. So, I am waiting here for you.

Cold Is The Night // The Oh Hello’s (via kvtes)

Men: Not ALL men.

Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.


Thank you, John Oliver, for taking down the “she’s someone’s daughter/sister/mother” thing at the root. I get the intention behind it is not bad, but seriously-my value as a human should not be defined by how my being hurt would affect my father, brother, or male partner. It should be defined by how it would affect ME. I am someone with worth and value independent of the men in my life, as are all women. We are not tangential sub-people who only exist as we are related to me, we are people. Full stop. 

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